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Valentine's day is Friday, February 14th

Valentine's Spa Packages


​For Her...

Purchasing a Viso Bello Custom Package is a great way to purchase multiple services for that special somebody all while receiving a 15% discount on all the services in the package. A spa lunch can be added to the order and purchased for $15  and as always feel free to enjoy the many amenities we offer at Viso Bello By The Shore. Enjoy…

Day of Decadence

Slowly ease into our new Yonka facial, followed by our deep cleansing and very soothing Dead Sea Salt Body Treatment, Then…Relax with a spa manicure and soothing spa pedicure. We’ll follow that up with our 1.5 hour detox body massage. After that, we’ll apply the manicure & pedicure polish. 5.5 hours. Tax is included in this price!  $537.10 Tax Included.



Come to Viso Bello and ease into our deep cleansing Yon-ka Facial. Follow that with our exclusive 1.5 hour Detox Massage, that includes deep tissue, hot stone, aromatherapy and a wonderful sea salt scrub foot massage and finish off with a luxurious spa pedicure which contains a soothing exfoliating masque and hot stones! 3.5 Hours. Tax is included in the price.  $330.06 Tax Included!


R and R Viso Bello!

Enjoy these spa  treats! 75min Yon-ka Facial, a 1-hour Deep Tissue Massage, a Spa Manicure and Spa Pedicure (3.5 hours). This price includes tax.  $309.55 Tax Included.

For Him...


The Godfather

Viso Bello’s gonna make him an offer he won’t refuse. Marlon Brando took 7 bullets in the back and survived. After this treatment, he’ll feel like he died and went to heaven. Start out with our men’s signature facial to clean and moisturize the skin. While he’s there, we’ll use our 30% Glycolic Peel to reduce those wrinkles, firm that skin, and give him that radiant glow. Then, we’ll get him ready for a microdermabrasion treatment. Marlon Brando actually had wrinkles created to give himself that “older” look for the film. Here, we take away those wrinkles in one half-hour. Once that’s over with, we’ll lay him down for our 1.5-hour Mind, Body, and Soul massage. Michael may not have killed his brother, Fredo, if he had one of those. Next, we’ll comfortably seat him for the business manicure and men’s pedicure, all while he’s sipping on a nice red. After all, you can’t plan your next hit with messy nails. 5.5Hours. Tax is included in the price.



Leaving Las Vegas

Weekend went on longer than it should have? We’ve all been there. So, let’s take it easy by starting with a Men’s Pedicure while you sip on coffee and gather your memory from the days before. Once the haze begins to lift, we’ll treat you to our wonderful Yon-Ka Facial loaded with anti-oxidants to clear away last nights misery. Next, we’ll really ease it up with our ever so popular 1.5hr Detox Massage and see if we can’t remember anything from the night before. Then we gotta let you go. Well… After all, you do have to go back to work at some point! 4 hours. Tax is included in the price.



The Frank Sinatra

No, he wasn’t a king, but he sure was treated like one, and so should you! Start with a nice glass of red as we start your day with our business manicure, followed by our Men’s Pedicure. Follow that with our Men’s Signature Facial and detoxifying eye treatment. And just when you think you have to go home, you can forget all that with our classic 1 hour deep tissue body massage. You’ll be singing Fly Me to the Moon the whole ride home. Expect 3.5 hours. Tax is included in the price.



The Distinguished Gentlemen

Have that important meeting tomorrow? A big night on the town? Then get ready! These set of treatments are sure to please. Get our Men’s Signature Facial, followed by our hand-soothing business manicure and Men’s Pedicure, and ending with a relaxing 1hr Deep Tissue Body Massage. Sadly, it does come to an end. Expect 3 ½ hours.





A Spa Lunch can be added during your stay or added to a spa package for $25 per person.  Click HERE to see our menu.

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