Dear Client,

Viso Bello has decided to close their Nail Department as we venture into more medical based services.


In most businesses, owner's have what they call a "Loss Leader," who's very definition is: a product sold at a loss to attract customers.


And for many years, the VB Nail Department was our loss leader. We all know that the recent Covid-19 pandemic has made ALL businesses adapt for their  survival.  As we transition into the more medical aspect of the spa business along with the ramifications inflicted on us during this ongoing pandemic, this tough decision had to be made.


While we truly apologize for this news, we are also asking our clients for their understanding and support. We are encouraging our gift certificate clients to purchase gift cards towards the other services and products we provide at Viso Bello.  Viso Bello is committed to adjusting our business so our employees can continue to work and grow, and our clients can expect the best in the spa services we do offer.


We appreciate your understanding and continued support.


The Viso Bello Team