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coming in april...

Do you know someone who has recently gone through a hard time or someone who always goes the extra mile to help others without expecting anything in return?  Maybe you know someone who worked so hard for that award they just won at work, or someone struggling with a family loss? 


Look, life affects us in many different ways and we really don't know what someone standing right next to us might be going through, good or bad!  Recently in the Viso Bello family, someone suffered a very sudden and traumatic loss and it got us thinking a bit about being grateful for everyday we have.  So, we decided to try something new.  We wanted to turn a negative into a positive!  We'd go out there on social media and raise awareness to our clients and fans that if they know someone who could use a spa for the day, then...Let us know about them!

This April, Viso Bello will be commencing with this new cause and continue with a new contest every month! One deserving person each month will be chosen by our clients to receive an entire day at the spa at each of our locations. That includes a 60min body massage, a signature facial, a complimentary lunch, and a manicure & pedicure all in one day!  We want to help you to help them relax and unwind...because....well, because they deserve it!   Sound nice? We think so too!

So?  How does this work?

As this is something NEW, we are going to create a VB Event's page on Facebook.  The link for that event will be BELOW.  You simply tell us your story about the person you want to nominate for this spa day, and get as many people to like it as you can!  This person can be a mother, father, grandmother, child, police officer, businessman, teacher or anyone that has a unique, deserving story for you to tell. Viso Bello will pick the winner based on the story with the most likes on the last day of the month.  It would be very difficult for us to pick the winner, so we are letting the people decide!

Some rules before nominating:

1) Mention your nominee by first name only, if at all. No last names until we announce the winner.

2) We may ask for some verification on the winning nominee. Maybe...

3) The monthly winner will be photographed at the spa on his/her spa day and posted on social media. You should make them aware of that.