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Clinical Massages


Clinical Massage Therapy pricing does not fall under our body massage membership pricing. Clinical massages are $149/60min session. Clinical massages can be purchased in packages of 3 or 6.



Have you been recently diagnosed by the doctor with a soft tissue or orthopedic condition? Is an old sports injury acting up? Our clinical massage therapists can help. Recovery massage is a targeted, outcome based session focused on improving the symptoms associated with specific conditions such as plantar fasciitis, tennis or golfer’s elbow, and sciatica. The therapist works on a specific area of the body to help relax the tissue and increase flexibility. The client will be given corrective stretches to do at home to help maintain their results between appointments.

60 minutes $149


We live in a digital age and most adults and children suffer from poor posture. Repetitive actions such as looking down at the mobile phone to text, chronically being hunched over a computer, and long commutes to work in the car, all negatively affect your posture. As a result of daily activities or work, clients often complain of neck and shoulder discomfort as well as tension headaches. These are symptoms of the root cause…poor posture. Rounded shoulders, forward head carriage, tight muscles in the neck, chest, back, and arms all respond well to clinical massage techniques and corrective stretching. Your therapist may suggest you seek out a personal trainer if you are not gym savvy to strengthen the postural muscles of the back to further correct your posture.

60 minutes $149


Athletes will play their best with one of our pre-event sports massage sessions. Whether you are a golfer, tennis player, or long distance runner, pre-event massage will prepare your body for work. The therapist will massage and stretch specific muscle groups used in your sport which increases flexibility and range of motion. This massage will also increase circulation of both blood, which nourishes your muscles so you can move better, play harder, and have more endurance.

60 minutes $149


After an event, the body needs to recover so the athlete can continue to perform at his or her peak. Post event massage keeps the athlete’s body in good condition by flushing toxins out of the tissue, increasing circulation of blood and lymph, stretching to lengthen tight muscles, and helping the athlete relax after a big event. Massage and wellness are key to keeping the body performing at it highest potential.

60 minutes $149

Clinical Massage vs Spa Massage…what’s the difference?

Massage therapists work in a variety of settings from physical therapy clinics, gyms, chiropractic offices, hospitals, and of course within the spa industry. The type of setting you choose to see your massage therapist in often dictates what kind of massage you will receive. Therapists working in medical settings generally perform clinical massage which is a targeted, outcome based session focused on improving the symptoms associated with a specific condition. Some examples of conditions that respond well to clinical techniques are poor posture, plantar fasciitis, tennis elbow, and sciatica. Clinical massage is corrective in nature, so a massage therapist has to have a strong foundation in anatomy and Kinesiology, or movement, to understand how the muscles can affect the performance of each other. A terrific example of this is neck, shoulder, and upper back pain which is usually caused by poor posture, working on a computer, mobile phone use, and weakness in the rhomboids. Even though the client is having discomfort on the back of the body, the root cause of the symptoms is coming from muscles in the front of the body such as the pectorals, subscapularis, and anterior deltoid. A client with this posture and discomfort may have several massages at a spa or with a therapist trained in relaxation modalities and he or she may feel better for awhile, but the cause of the problem was not addressed so the symptoms and discomfort will return.

The state of Connecticut requires a minimum of 750 hours of education to qualify a massage therapy school graduate to sit for the exam and upon passing, licensing with the Connecticut Board of Public Health. A massage therapist will have to take a minimum of 24 hours continuing education every 4 years in order to qualify to renew his or her license with the state. Continuing education is an excellent way to help a massage therapist gain new skills and many therapists decide to specialize in certain fields of study. Some examples are clinical massage, prenatal, relaxation or spa massage, sports massage, and many more.

There are many massage therapists working in different settings including the spa who have studied clinical massage or have a medical background. Before you schedule your next appointment identify what your specific treatment goals are so that you can be scheduled with the right therapist to meet your needs. If the goal is stress relief then most massage therapists can provide you with a calm and relaxing massage session. If you are trying to get some relief from the tennis elbow that’s causing you discomfort then a clinical therapist would be a better fit.